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Virginia Beach, VA

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Inside KVRS

  P.O. Box 62345
Virginia Beach, VA 23466
Emergencies: 911
Main: 757-340-KVRS
Fax: 877-471-6183

Ambulance facing left KVRS logo Ambulance facing right

Our Mission

To deliver the most appropriate and timely prehospital emergency medical care and rescue services to the citizens of the community

Our Vision

To promote the general welfare of the borough of Kempsville and the City of Virginia Beach by maintaining an institutional platform of the highest caliber for volunteer activism in the mitigation of emergencies, for leadership development, and for community self-sufficiency


We won a $172,684 grant from the state Rescue Squad Assistance Fund and a $22,346 grant from the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation to complete projects to add a 6th badly needed ambulance to our fleet, and to outfit all our ambulances with safer Stryker Power-LOAD systems.  We are still looking for about $101,000 in matching funds to complete these projects!
Stryker Power-LOAD system
Stryker Power-LOAD system

Our member, Paramedic Kate East (center, below), appeared with EMT Terry Connelly from our sister squad, Ocean park, on the Hampton Roads Show today to talk about our system and how dependent we are on donations and recruits from the community.
Kate East on Hampton Roads Show

Our Fall fund drive mailers are now reaching peoples' mailboxes.  We are tremendously dependent on donations from the community we serve.  Please donate now!

Mel Losick, a KVRS Life Member, passed away today.  He joined our system in 1970 and served avidly for more than 45 years in many capacities, including paramedic, extricator, street supervisor, KVRS Captain, and KVRS President.  He was also well-known in our region as an EMS instructor.  We have fond memories of good times with Mel, and we'll miss him.
Mel Losick

We've placed our brand new ambulance, "924" in service, thanks to donations from the community and a state Rescue Squad Assistance Fund grant.  For the first time in more than 27 years, our entire fleet shares the same basic custom-tailored design.  This arrangement is critical to operational efficiency.

We enjoyed serving everyone who attended this year's Mt. Trashmore July 4th Celebration, fireworks and all.  We also appreciate the help we got from our sister squads!
KVRS and other rescue members at Mt. Trashmore July 4th event
Photo courtesy of Linda House, Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation

We won a $6186.10 grant to upgrade the fifth of our five Physio-Control LifePak 15 devices with waveform capnography and other capabilities.  Waveform capnography gives us a continuous indication of a patient's level of exhaled carbon dioxide, and is considered the gold standard for making sure a breathing tube doesn't wiggle out of a critical patient's windpipe.
Physio-Control LifePak 15
Physio-Control LifePak 15

Our top 500 donors are receiving copies of the Rescue Lines newsletter in the coming week. Our hope is to keep members of our community apprised of how our system is performing and improving. If resources allowed, we'd be sending it to every mailbox in our entire service area, but 500 is what we have on hand at the moment.

KVRS responded to more than 24 calls per day (transporting more than 16 patients per day) in 2014, average.

The first two online presentations in the new KVRS Training Academy are now available, courtesy of our member Jeff Achesinski. In the left margin of this website, see Quick links / Squad-level / Training Academy.

By winning grants from both the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation and the Virginia Rescue Squad Assistance Fund, KVRS has arranged to add two Physio-Control LUCAS Chest Compression Systems to our city's medical arsenal.

With a restricted donation from the Evan Collins Memorial EMT Education and Equipment Fund, KVRS has procured a Laerdal SimPad simulation manikin programmer.  We assigned it to the Virginia Beach EMS Training Center where it will improve the training that gets delivered to all EMS providers in the city.

Congratulations to Life Member Bill Black on serving 45 years with KVRS!  Bill is the longest serving member running scheduled duties in the entire Virginia Beach EMS system.  He has held many positions including KVRS Captain, KVRS Squad Truck Supervisor, and VAVRS Rescue Instructor.

We've uploaded a presentation about the transition of the former Kemspville Volunteer Fire Department into the Virginia Beach Fire Department system.  It was developed by former KVFD Chief Stuart Buxbaum.

KVRS President Kevin Lipscomb and EMT Diane Reid from our sister agency, Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad, appeared on WAVY-TV's Hampton Roads Show today to talk about our city's new LUCAS Chest Compression System and Family & Friends CPR training.
Kevin & Di on Hampton Roads Show

The Virginia Beach Beacon featured our admin member Rob Miller in an article headlined Mr. Clean about the invaluable service he provides to keep our ambulances clean and prepared for calls.

WAVY-TV's Chris Reckling rode along with Paramedics Kevin Lipscomb and Rick Baker to see what does (and doesn't) help us cut through traffic to reach emergency scenes.

We now have five powered stretchers -- one for each ambulance.  We purchased four of them with donation and grant money.  The newest one was given to us by the city.  These devices help us avoid lifting injuries, and they are safer for our patients.

Today KVRS equipped its two front-line ambulances with Verathon GlideScope video laryngoscopes that it purchased with a grant.  We are the only squad in Virginia Beach to have done this.  Paramedics staffing these two ambulances will no longer have to wait for another paramedic on a zone or supervisor car to bring a GlideScope to them.

Today we made two documents publicly available in the hopes they may be helpful to other squads that are ordering new ambulances. The KVRS Ambulance Detailed Technical Requirements ( PDF | HTML ) and the KVRS Ambulance Graphics Package are full of lessons we've learned over four years of very detailed specification work.

Incident log excerpts
2016-07-19 19:51:28
WorkingFire or equiv, HARGROVE BL. Assgnmt: TAC03 E07P E09P E10 E19 L10 FR02P 924R EMS06 BAT03 BATGP CHE03 SAFE01 SUP08.
2016-07-19 16:21:04
Trap or equiv, LEEDOM RD. Assgnmt: TECH R10 E10 E19 L07P FR01P 224S Z09 EMS05 BAT03 CAR FSTAFF SAFE01 TECH01.
2016-07-18 12:43:05
AirportAlert or equiv, MILLER STORE RD. Assgnmt: TAC03 E04P L07P 220R 924P EMS05 EMS06 BAT02 MCI01 MCITK.
2016-07-12 18:21:56
Trap or equiv, MILITARY HY S. Assgnmt: SQTM E10P 923P Z15 EMS05 EMS06 BAT03.
2016-07-07 13:09:21
VBFD has multiple working incidents. EMS 1st response reduced.
2016-07-04 15:25:30
SarCall, EDWIN DR. Assgnmt: 923P SARTK.
2016-06-29 11:24:59
AirportAlert or equiv, MILLER STORE RD. Assgnmt: TAC03 E04 L02P 1522P 1921P EMS05 EMS08 BAT02 MCI01 MCITK.

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Our Wish List

We rely on your donations!

Physio-Control LUCAS Chest Compression System

We need 3 at about $13,100 each

LUCAS Chest Compression System

Performing manual chest compressions during CPR is difficult, tiring, and impossible in certain situations. Quality varies from rescuer to rescuer, and deteriorates quickly after only one or two minutes. LUCAS is a safe and efficient CPR machine that standardizes chest compressions in accordance with the latest scientific guidelines. It never gets tired, doesn't have to stop when we're carrying the patient, and frees us to focus on other life-saving tasks. It also lets us strap into our seats on the way to the hospital, keeping us safer.

The City of Virginia Beach only has a few of these devices available in the field for the entire city population. To best serve the community, we need one on every ambulance.

Verathon GlideScope

We need 3 at about $10,000 each

Verathon GlideScope

Sometimes we must insert a breathing tube into a patient's windpipe. We must be able to see the tube go through the patient's vocal cords, and that's not always easy to do with our own eyes. The GlideScope literally allows us to see around corners. The part of the tool that opens the patient's airway has a fiber-optic eye on its tip that transmits an image to an external display. Previously, this technology was only available to anesthesiologists in operating rooms. It makes a critical and tricky procedure faster, safer, and easier.

The City of Virginia Beach only has six of these devices available in the field for the entire city population. We won a grant for an additional two that we've placed on our two front-line ambulances, but to best serve the community, we also need one on each of our other three ambulances.

Our Community

Neighborhoods we serve include:

Abingdon Village * Acredale * Adams Glen * Alexandria * Amhurst * Arrowhead * Avalon Hills * Avalon Terrace * Avalon Woods * Ballylinn Farm * Ballylinn Shores * Banbury Lake Village * Baxter Woods Townhouse * Bellamy Manor * Bellamy Manor East * Bellamy Manor Estates * Bellamy Plantation * Bellamy Woods * Bellwood Meadows * Bentley Gate * Bentley Park * Birnam Meadows * Boulevard Manor * Brandon * Brigadoon * Brigadoon Pines * Carolanne Farm * Carriage Mill * CBN * Cedar Hill * Charlestown * Charlestown Lakes * Chartwell * Chatham Hall * Chatham Landing * College Park * Columbus Station * Columbus Station East * Coventry * Dorchester Village * Dunbarton * Eastwyck Village * Elizabeth River Terrace * Euclid * Fair Meadows * Fairfield * Fairfield Forest * Fairfield Meadows * Fairfield Shores * Fairways * Ferry Point Landing * Fox Run * Framingham Village * Glenwood * Glenwood Green * Glenwood South * Glyndon Village * Grand Lake * Gum Swamp * Haven Heights * Haven Estates * Homestead * Huntington * Indian Lakes * Indian River Estates * Indian River Gardens * Jamestown * Jamestown Commons * Jonathan Cove * Kemps River Crossing * Kemps Quarter * Kempshire Manor * Kempsville * Kempsville Colony * Kempsville Gardens * Kempsville Greens * Kempsville Heights * Kempsville Lake * Kempsville Manor * Kempsville Meadows * Kings Creek Point * Lake Christopher * Lake James * Lakes End Condos * Lakeview Estates * Lakeville Estates * Lark Downs * Larkspur * Larkspur Meadows * Le Cove * Level Green * Macdonald Park * Mount Trashmore * Newlight * Northridge * Oakengate * Owl Court * Parliament Village * Pembroke Manor * Pinewood Village * Pocahontas Village * Point O' View * Providence Landing * Queen City * Regent University * Regent Village * Ridglea * Rivercrest Landing * Riverton On The Elizabeth * Rosemont Forest * Salem Lakes * Salem Woods * Sherry Park * Sparrow Point * Stratford Chase * Stoney Brook * Sunstream Park * Susanna Smith Estate * Tangle Pines * The Villages * Thompkins Landing * Town Center * Wedgewood * Westview Village * Whitehurst Grove * Whitehurst Manor * Whitehurst Woods * Williams Village * Winchester Point * Wood Bridge Point * Woodhaven * Woodridge * Woods Of Avalon * Woodstock * Woodstock Cove * Woodstock Forest * Wyndamere

Neighborhoods listed in bold have civic league or HOA membership in the Virginia Beach Council Of Civic Organizations.